Elder Clifford is serving a two year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to Mexico Guadalajara East from August of 2014 to July of 2016.

E a two year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to Mexico Guadalajara East from August of 2014 to July of 2016.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Week Sixty Nine

Greetings from beautiful Uruapan!! 

This week just flew by to be honest. We've been working our butts off over here and we are slowly starting to see some great results. These last few days we've had a few great experiences. One of the days this week we went to do a service project at the church with our recent convert! Brother Margarito is the best! He's super humble and he always works super hard on all of the assignments he receives. He's gonna receive the Melchezidek priesthood this week and he's kind of nervous about it but he's been doing a great job with his studying and preparing. Another day we went and helped one of our investigators make donuts. It was pretty awesome and it was a great opportunity to build a stronger relationship with him. 

Other than that not much is new around here. Although we did have a funny experience in a little branch called Taretan this week. I had never worked in the actual city before, just the little outskirts, and my comp was in Guadalajara in divisions, and the plans for that day were all based in the city. I got on the little van that they call a combi here and we just headed out there. I had no idea where we were going or what to expect. Well we step off the combi and I start looking around trying to figure out where we are. Nada. I start walking and then like literally right next door to where the bus stopped I found the little church building! Aahah!  It was crazy funny. Just being insanely lost and then bam, there's the church. It was a fun day and we found some great new investigators. 

Other than that this week was awesome. Hope everyone is doing great.

ELder CLifford

Monday, November 23, 2015

Week Sixty Eight

Happy Monday. 

I hope that everyone is doing very well. This week was a pretty great week! Not really sure where to start so I'll talk a bit about my studies of D&C 121. For the past few months I've been trying to apply the principles of Christlike leadership that we find in verses 34 to 46. Honestly I'm not that great of a studyer, but I've been doing the best I can because I know that these things will help me my entire life, be it in future jobs, or my future family. One of the things I've always had a hard time with is humility and the other one is being able to correct incorrect behavior. I think a few months ago I must have been a mess with these things because I never once thought about either of those two things. As I've memorized and studied these scriptures I've recognized the importance of them both and tried to apply them. Luckily I am faced with situations that have to deal with these things on what seems like a daily basis. Something that I've learned on my mission, and that I want every future missionary, or even current missionary to know, is the importance of obedience. I'm a big believer. But just as important, is helping others to be obedient. If at any time, one of your companions tries to be disobedient, or a friend at school, or a sibling, or a parent, or anybody really, does something dishonest or against the commandments, you've gotta be brave enough to speak out. My first few changes I was terrible about letting my comps get away with breaking mission rules because I was way too afraid to say anything and wanted to avoid conflict. But it's better to have conflict than for someone to endanger their salvation. Not trying to say my comp or anyone I'm currently interacting with is disobedient, its just what has been in mind for some reason. 

We were blessed with the opportunity to baptize and confirm one of our investigators this week. He is super awesome and it has been humbling to teach him. 

I hope that everyone enjoys Thanksgiving. Its like my favorite holiday almost.

Elder Clifford

Monday, November 16, 2015

Week Sixty Seven

Elder Clifford was too busy for a letter this week but we got a couple of pictures with captions!
I will NEVER complain about pictures!!!!

This is the house of one of our investigators.  He put up the family proclamation on his wall after we talked about it.

This is Elder Suarez. He is my companion and zone leader.

 This is how Elder Clifford's family found out he was given the calling of Zone Leader!  He didn't tell us when he was made a District Leader either, someone else told us!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Week Sixty Six

Greetings from Uruapan, Michoacan! 

I had transfers today. I am now in Avocadoland! I haven't actually seen any avocado yet, but that's what this place has reputation for. I am in the ward of Linda Vista. Its super beautiful and I'm super excited to get working. My new companion is named Elder Suarez. He seems pretty cool and it looks like we'll be getting along really well. I don't have much time to say much else. This week went really well and we found a bunch of new investigators and they all went to church this week. Kind of sad to leave a ward so fast but I have a feeling that great things are to come here in Uruapan.

Have a good week. 
Elder Clifford

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Bonus pictures and letters

I think there is nothing better for a Missionary Mom than to go on to Facebook and find surprise pictures of your missionary!!!  Sister Egginton posted these pictures of Elder Clifford last night, he must have visited the Mission Office yesterday!

Bonus letters from this week between Elder Clifford and his siblings:

Sorry I didn't email you last week, I was just really focused on school that week. I got a 4.0! My teacher gave me six points of extra credit that got me up to an A. I got 100 percent or higher in 4 of my classes, and my lowest grade was a 96%. I am going to try to get another 4.0 next term. If I manage to do that, that would be amazing. How is Mexico? Hables espanol bueno? Spanish class is really easy, I'm not even having to try much. See ya!

Mexico is good. Sí, hablo español bien. Pues, creo que hablo bien. Bye.

Hola. How are you. Did you do anything for day of the dead. do people celebrate halloween there.  I got to pass out candy and like no one came. It was weird. My team starts futsal soon.
Have a good week, love carter

I have done nothing for Day of the Dead. Yes people celebrate Halloween like crazy. That's fun I guess, more candy for you. Good luck.

Hi how are you? Did you have a good week? Halloween was fun I got lots of candy but carter didn't go. Did you have a interesting week? Have a good and interesting week! Love Kapree 

I had a pretty good week. I ate lots of candy as well. Thanks, you too!
Elder Clifford

Monday, November 2, 2015

Week Sixty Five

Hey family, hope you had a great week.

This week was crazy. I was running all over the place with divisions and baptism interviews but it was all pretty fun. 

Spiritual experience of the week was as follows: Our investigator Ignacio is still super awesome. One of the days while we were on divisions we went over and visited him. The thing with him is that he really wants to get baptized and he loves everything about the church, but because of certain personal problems, he cant get baptized yet. We were teaching prayer and he understood it perfectly. He explained to us some great experiences that he had with prayer and said that he knew what we were teaching him was true. Then came the tough question. Why can't I get baptized yet? Well, in place of telling him some kind of half truth I told him the straight truth. "Brother Lopez, first things first, you need to get married to your partner, or you guys need to live in different houses. Second, you need to take a special interview to help with some of the experiences you've had in the past." Well, he took it pretty well and committed to get married this week. Yesterday at church he said that he had the date set and that we were invited to attend his wedding this week. That was pretty crazy, but it was definitely an answer to my prayers. Sometimes you just gotta talk straight to people. 

Have a good week everybody. 

These pictures are pictures of my district from some baptisms on Saturday.