Elder Clifford is serving a two year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to Mexico Guadalajara East from August of 2014 to July of 2016.

E a two year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to Mexico Guadalajara East from August of 2014 to July of 2016.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Week Sixteen

Let’s get down to business. 
This week was pretty awesome. Well most of it at least. To start off the week we had to have divisiones because they had a meeting thing for all the missionaries with leadership positions in the mission. This meant that the two missionaries training in my district, Elder Sanchez and Elder Ellis had to go. This left me and Elder Guzman here to try to figure out the whole missionary thing on our own. Elder Guzman only has like 4 weeks too so basically I was left in charge. It was certainly interesting to say the least. I had to take the lead with everything and had to call people and try to set appointments and stuff like that. Did I mention that it’s almost impossible for me to understand anything people say on the phone?!!  But it was all good. So the first day was the best stats that I’ve had here in Industrial. We had 5 lessons, set a new baptismal date, the works. I was really proud of us. Like hey, what’s up, the newbies can handle themselves. Then the second day came. No one answered the phone. No one answered the door. Of the appointments that we had set before, they all said no at the door or said they were just about to leave. So basically we walked around for hours looking for stuff to do. Kinda sucked but also taught me the importance of citas fijas.(Mom the translator to save the day!!  Setting appointments!!!) Without appointments we would probably experience this every day. Hallelujah for the missionary planning. But yeah after that we hit the end of the week and everything was all good. Not much progress with my investigators. It’s like I need to carry them to church or something. I would if I could haha. But yeah all is good with them. Entonces (translation: then) let’s see if I can think of anything funny that happened this week......, not really. It was just a normal week. Hopefully next week 2 funny things happen so I can write them both.
But yeah everybody do good things this week and enjoy Thanksgiving for me!!! Seriously eat a ton, maybe like double so I can feel it.

Love ya,

Elder Clifford

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Bonus Letter

Bonus letters between Elder Clifford and his 10 year old cousin Henry

 Oct. 12th


             I hope you are having a nice time in Mexico! I've heard that it is very nice and sunny there. I hope you doing well on Spanish, it's really hard for me to remember! Just wanted to know if your feeling well in Mexico!

                  Henry Law

thank you for writing henry. yeah mexico is really hot sometimes but here it rains alot too. if its not raining than its burning hot. the spanish is ok. same for me. its a lot to remember sometimes. thanks for writing. hope all of you guys are doing alright in oregon.
elder clifford

Oct. 26th

Well this weekend was great for me and my soccer game. The wind was blowing up to 60 MPH at the start of the game and kept on going. My team and I have one game left then it's the end of our session- unless there are play-offs. Which probably there won't be because we are in a group thats just for fun. Not the conceptive. But there is still a chance that we might do play-offs. It must take a long time for mail to get to your area because my mom got a call from  her mom saying that we have to get your Christmas presents by the end of this week so the presents and cards and all that would get there on time. Well, I hope you are still doing okay and you are teaching a lot of people about the prophet.

            Henry Law 

that story about your soccer game is crazy! one time i played and it was snowing so hard we could hardly see. yeah it takes a long time for mail to get here,and sometimes not all of the things people send arrive with the mail anyways haha. i hope everyone in the law familiy is doing great.
elder clifford

Nov. 9th

Well, my soccer season ended so I have so much free time I haven't even noticed! I'm guessing that it is pretty sunny there still. Yesterday was the last good day we are going to have for the next six months!

It rains a lot here. everyone was saying a cyclone hit the other day but i think cyclone pretty much means like a storm front or whatever its called in english. its like monsoon season in arizona all the time. haha six months is a long time. 
elder c

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Bonus Letter

Bonus letters between Elder Clifford and his 9 year old cousin Lily

Oct. 12

Dear Colby,

   how are you doing? Is Mexico interesting? Hudson and Calvin say hi. Since Hudson wants a 
email address he says " I have a email address! it is(their phone number)!" Or " my email address is
5 10 5!" Hudson can be REALLY funny sometimes. I hope your'e doing good on your

                       your cousin,


p.s. do they have  and  in  ? (if that's not the right flag, correct me.) :-)

I'm doing good thanks for asking. Mexico is really interesting, one thing that is interesting is that every person on every street, well almost, owns a store in front or inside of their house. They all sell fruit and random stuff like that. They have burgers and that kind of stuff here but I haven't seen it yet, I think its in the big city but I am not sure. The flag is the green red and white one with a cactus and an eagle on it.
elder clifford

Oct. 26

Hi. Post is weird in Mexico. My mom told me that if you send a package you have to put stickers of the Virgin Mary on it so they won't open it because it's "sacred". Did you ever learn to play piano when you were a kid? I've been playing ever since I was six and i'm still playing today.
Lily in  :-)

Yeah I learned more or less how to play piano. I am better at guitar but I can read the notes for piano. Yeah I have no idea how post works to Mexico. I hear a lot about the Virgin Mary here. When kids in the streets see us they yell viva la virgin. Not quite sure why to be honest but its pretty funny.

Nov. 9

Hola amigo. I'm pretty sure viva la virgin means ether missionary or virgin Mary. if it means virgin Mary then it's pretty funny that they call you Virgin Mary.

They mean the Virgin Mary. It's funny because everyone asks if we worship the virgin and then we have to explain that we respect her but we don't worship her. It's really different in Mexico I guess.
elder clifford.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Bonus Letter

Bonus letters between Elder Clifford and his 6 year old cousin Charlie

Oct. 12

dear colby i love you!     do you love mexico?
do you have fun? does mexico make you happy?  love Charlie

thanks! yeah mexico is really awesome a lot of the time. yeah i find ways to have fun. mexico makes me happy a good deal of the time, its just really different from america.
elder clifford

Oct. 26

Dear colby , i love you! i am taking piano lessons. what does mexico look like?  love charlie 

piano is awesome! mexico looks like arizona a little bit. except the houses are a little smaller. i guess the easy way to say it is it looks like a desert around here.
elder clifford

Nov. 9

Dear Colby i love you.  is there a zoo in mexico? there,s 1  oregon.             do you live in a house? there,s some in oregon. love charlie.

haha thanks charlie. i think that mexico is kind of like a zoo in general sometimes but yes there is a zoo here i think. yes i live in a house, tiny apartment thing place.
love elder clifford

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Bonus Letter

Bonus letter between Elder Clifford and his 14 year old brother Cam

How are you doing? I hope you are good. Nothing much has been happening. I am planning on joining the Clearfield high tennis team, so I have started to practice. What is your favorite food there so far? Every Monday, we have had a traditional Mexican meal. Well, see ya. 


It's not traditional unless it has chiles. And rice. And beans. And tortillas. And jugo. 
But good for you! Clearfield tennis is respectable. The secret to success is hard work. Never give up and work as hard as you can through all the pain and you will be the most successful on that team in my eyes. Now go get sponsored by some college so you don't have to pay.

Elder Clifford

Monday, November 17, 2014

Week Fifteen

(Yes, this is THE ONLY picture we got from Elder Clifford this week.  Yes, of a hand written sign. He didn't explain it at all.  With my limited one year of Spanish from my freshman year of High School, cough 30ish years cough ago, I think it says the following..... I'm sure my Spanish speaking friends will correct me....)

Turn off the boiler before you leave.

- The Holy Ghost

So this week was great!

We have a lot of work to do here in Industrial. We committed 11 new investigators to baptism!! Just imagine me doing an Irish jig or whatever in this little cyber here in Mexico, haha!! But anyways, it’s not really a big deal because like all of them will fall within the next two weeks. But hey, where is my faith right?? Anyways the work is going great here.

Spiritual experience... one of my investigators from my first week who we’ve been working with the whole time just lost his job. It’s really tough because this has happened to him constantly for the last few months. Anyways, he is super awesome and everything and somehow he always has work within one day. But moving on we were teaching him the plan of salvation again today because reasons and at the end when we committed him to baptism he started crying. He just said like he believes everything we share with him to be true and that he believes js was a true prophet and the bom is true and everything. This rocked!! Spirit was crazy strong!! Then after he proceeded to tell us that he doesn’t want to change his core beliefs because it’s what he grew up with. It was a bit confusing to be honest. We’ll keep working with him, but he is also set for the 20th. I really hope that he makes it there.

Crazy funny experience this week. So here I am walking in the road and this guy yells at me “Guerro!!” and I was like “Woah man, calm down, que tal?” He walks up, “Hey, do you have any money so I can go buy a beer?”  "What!!?? Dude, we’re missionaries we don’t have any money!" “Oh ok.” The whole time I was thinking like dude seriously?? You’re asking Christian missionaries to buy you beer!! It gets better!! I go “Bro, we don’t have any money, but we have a message we want to share with you.” Corny I know but it totally worked. In the same sentence I was like “Is there anything you want to change in your life?” He was like “Yeah, I want to stop drinking, and I also want to stop smoking marijuana.” At this point I notice that he totally has a joint in his hand!! haha I didn’t even notice until he pointed it out. But anyways we talked I took down his information and we're gonna go teach him this week. It was crazy funny though, believe me. Or not or whatever.

But anyway hope all is well with everything. Make good choices or whatever.

Elder Clifford

(Since Elder Clifford NEVER sends any pictures, I had to resort to blognapping pictures!!!  Just kidding, when I saw this picture with Elder Clifford in it on another Elder's blog I got permission from his mother to copy it.  Thank goodness!!!  It is old but I will take it!!!  I miss that cute face!!! Of course you can barely see him because he always hides in the back of all pictures, but THERE HE IS!!!  SMILING.  I know!!!)

Thursday, November 13, 2014

100 days

I had mentioned to Elder Clifford in my letter to him this week that he would hit 100 days in the mission this week and this was his response back to me:

Woohoo I'm a viejo!!!

I dont know, all I know is if it wasn't for Gavin, Brycen, Tanner, Quinn, my family, my cousins, Momma D and everyone else who was writing me, no offense to them, it's just a lot and I don't want to take too long writing all their names, I wouldn't be here. I love them all and I really know who my true friends are now. I really do.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Week Fourteen

(No pictures again this week.  This picture is from the day we dropped Elder Clifford off at the MTC.
Also known as The Day We Cried The Whole Way Home From Provo.)

What up though!!!  
Week………. whatever week it is.  
This week was pretty good. I committed like 5 people to baptism!! But 3 already dropped out so that kind of stinks but still!! It feels good when people say yes. Anyways, my first baptism is for the 29!! Send prayers towards our investigadores. They are really starting to get tempted by Satan now that they are starting to commit to stuff. But let’s see this week is a little different I guess. So me and Elder Sanchez stats wise are not doing so good right now. We don’t talk with very many people every day and we don’t teach enough lessons with members. The zls are furious but there’s nothing we can do about lessons con miembros really. We only have 3 active members in my entire area. Anyways, they are really mad. So this week we’re gonna see results!! 
It’s raining like crazy. My shoes are fine. Not really. I just wear whatever pair of the two I’ve chosen for the next year and a half. The other pair will wait to be used till one of these is destroyed. How often should I shine? I’ve been going every 4 weeks for now because they get unshiny like 10 minutes out the door in the dirt or rocks. 
The girls thing is hard here. I just get hit on all day long because I’m white or something and I just have to laugh and brush it off and not say anything. It’s really kind of awkward most of the time, but it’s all good I guess. 
We have 2 baptism commitments. One is for the 29 of November. It’s coming up. And it might actually happen!
Language isn’t much of a problem now. I’m trying to focus on actually getting the grammar down for now.
Food has good and bad day’s haha.
I love Mexico. I just wish in having more success. I visit these people every week and they all lie to us about their progress every week.  They say, “Yes I read. Yes I prayed. Yes I’ll go to church”. But no one ever does. We lost 2 investigators the week after we gave them boms. Satan is strong and he is real. We are working so hard right now and every night I’ll come home and pray as hard as I can for these people. I love them so much and I hardly know them, it’s so weird for me because I’ve never been a very loving person in that way. And now I just want the world for these people.
I’m so happy and ready to be a missionary. The other day I was saying I wasn’t receiving answers to prayers. Well, during sacrament meeting I was just sitting there and out of nowhere I felt crazy sleepy, like unnaturally sleepy. No this isn’t a joke haha like how all of us are always sleeping through sacrament lol. But no, I was crazy sleepy out of nowhere. I went to sleep and when I woke up it was the hardest I’ve ever felt the spirit ever. I felt so calm and everything. It was so intensely weird. I have no explanation for it. But right then I knew that I wanted to be a missionary. It all just hit me waking up from a nap in the middle of church. Amazing. So here I am. Ready to give my all to the Lord for the next two years.  
Love you all. I’ll include funny experiences next week haha. This week there were none. Well none I want to share haha.
Elder Clifford

Monday, November 3, 2014

Week Thirteen

Woohoo over halfway through my training! This week just flew by.

I’ll start off with a spiritual experience I had. I don´t know if I’ve mentioned before, but there is a guy in my area who is a member of the church and is like 85 and blind. We bring him the sacrament every single week and talk with him. Well, this week when we came he told us that he doesn’t have much time left and we basically gathered that he is afraid of dying. And it’s true, you can tell just by looking at him over these past few weeks that he’s not doing so good. He’s in a lot of pain as well. So we taught him about the plan of salvation. It was a little rough at the beginning, I’m not going to lie. It’s so hard to tell someone that death is part of the plan of happiness when they could go at any day and they don’t want to go. It was really eye opening for me. Here I am bearing my testimony to this guy about life and death and I’d never really thought about what life or death really is. So I just said what I felt. I didn’t give him the line for line answers that I’d practiced for a while. I said Hermano, I don’t know anything compared to you about life, but I know it’s short, but what I do know without a doubt that every single day of my life is a gift from God. He could take any one of our lives at any minute. So I treasure it all. I try my best not to make mistakes but I mess up. But in the end I look back on everything I’ve done with a smile. I laugh at those moments I’ve had in my life that make me cringe. I laugh about the things I thought were so hard and were so bad back in the day because I’ve learned from it all. I said Hermano we just need to try our best to do what’s right while we are here and embrace death because it is the opportunity for us to start the next phase of the plan. Elder Sanchez took over and continued teaching the doctrine principles for the plan of salvation and then we ended the lesson. He asked if we would give him a blessing for his health. I think he wanted me to give him the blessing but I annointed instead. It was humbling, all of it. Here I was standing above a little blind man in a little shack like room with holes in the roof and a dirt floor beneath us. He depends completely on his son because he’s old and it hurts to move very much and he asked us to give him a blessing. What do we say? What are we supposed to ask our Heavenly Father to do? The following was the most spiritual experience I’ve had in my mission. Elder Sanchez stepped up, and started the blessing and as soon as he started the spirit filled the room. It didn’t matter what he said after that because I knew and the Hermano knew and everyone else in that room knew that everything was going to be okay no matter what the ending was. We ended and the Hermano thanked us and we left. I will never forget the peace I felt in that room.

Now to interrupt the spiritual stuff for my funny awesome experience of the week. So here in Mexico (at least my part of Mexico) these cars drive around with these speakers advertising different stuff they are selling. They all have the same songs and stuff and you come to memorize them pretty fast because they are constantly blaring all around us. Anyways I heard one of the pan cars coming around the corner and I turned to look because the pan cars never speed, they can’t afford to hit someone and harm their bread haha. Not really like that but the people here sometimes care more about their stuff then people.  Anyways he came flying around the corner and stopped right next to me and  I stopped to see what he had to say. He tilted down his sunglasses and just said “Hello my friend. You want bread?” and I shook my head and in Spanish he mumbled “No one ever does.”  haha. He sped off and we went on with our walking.

Have good weeks and stuff. Be safe and all that.

Elder Clifford